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Satoshi FI Blog is an interconnected place for you to read, write, and publish, powered by WriteFreely and ActivityPub. Publishers are invited by the original admins of Satoshi FI and reading access is freely open to everyone. Blogs can be followed on other activity pub software and websites such as Satoshi FI Pub by searching the blog handle (usually the publisher's user name) as

Posts here are by the community and for the community. Writers of posts can specify licencing.

All publications of this website which do not explicitly licence the content therein is published under LAL-1.3 under their username, contact, and real name at the first date of publication on

LAL-1.3 Copyleft: This is a free work, you can copy, distribute, and modify it under the terms of the Free Art License

About WriteFreely

WriteFreely is a self-hosted, decentralized blogging platform for publishing beautiful, simple blogs.

It lets you publish a single blog, or host a community of writers who can create multiple blogs under one account. You can also enable federation, which allows people in the fediverse to follow your blog, bookmark your posts, and share them with others.