How to earn as much FREE crypto as possible!


Imagine how much crypto you would have if you took advantage of all the current promos and crypto games...

Good news! I have done all that research for you, and am recommending only crypto apps and promos I have used and vetted myself.

Every Satoshi- I mean every cent. It all adds up.

For example, if you bought $3 of Bitcoin every day instead of coffee for 6 years, you would have over $230,000 in Bitcoin. Huzahhh!

If you have the time to try out these apps, you will be handsomely rewarded. #Winning

I have categorized and ranked these apps according to how well they work. Notice that all apps have unique superpowers, so take advantage of as many promos and apps as you can.

Congrats on being an early adopter, btw. Companies are fighting each other with promos to get your business. Enjoy! <3

Play Crypto “Games”

I love playing games on my phone. It relaxes me. But nowadays, instead of playing the newest iPhone game, and wasting my time...I just “play” these fun crypto games every morning and watch my portfolio grow. You could earn $150+ in a month if you played all of these games like I do. ;)

#1 Choice /// Minds This is just like Facebook but without the censoring or “fact checking.” The neat thing is you get paid some crypto each time you post something that gets liked or retweeted. If you post quality stuff, it is really easy to make decent money with this app. I have a friend who has made $1,000 in crypto so far. <3

#2 Choice /// Coinbase Earn There are several crypto videos you can watch on Coinbase. The quizzes are multiple-choice. I don’t actually watch the videos. I just take the test and earn FREE crypto. The questions are multiple-choice with no penalty if you get the answer wrong. *Use this link for a FREE $10 in Bitcoin. *If you complete all of the videos, you will earn around $70 in crypto. (I like to immediately take the crypto and then convert it into BTC. I then send that crypto to an interest-bearing account.

#3 Choice /// Lolli Every morning when I wake up, I click on a treasure chest in the Lolli app and earn FREE Bitcoin. *It makes me feel like I am Crypto-Captain Jack Sparrow. Yarghh... *Lolli also earns you FREE Bitcoin when you shop online too. *Download the app and use this code to get $5 FREE with your first purchase: DJTM2W

#4 Choice /// Fold App After clicking on the Lolli treasure app, I spin the wheel on the Fold App and get more FREE crypto. You also get more crypto if you sign up for their debit card, too. *Use this link for 5,000 FREE SATS. *I had a friend win 1 million satoshis just doing the spin everyday = $575 *I haven't won the million satoshis—yet!

#5 Choice /// CryptoDotCom CDC now has fun missions you can do. Each time you do a trade or even open the app you get diamonds which you can use to open a treasure chest and get FREE tokens. *You can win up to 1,000 CRO tokens ($700) in a treasure chest. *Use referral code: tqg3f3uvj8 /// for a FREE $25 in CRO tokens.

#6 Choice /// Brave Browser Ok, this isn’t really a game, but this browser is faster than Google Chrome, it protects your privacy more, and it pays you back in BAT tokens. If you sign up for ads you will earn even more BAT. If you choose to block all ads, you can still earn some BAT. Brave is the only browser I use now. *I make around $10 a month in BAT tokens. But I don't watch any ads. You could make a LOT more if you wanted to.

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Use All the Good Interest-Earning Crypto Exchanges and Promos

*This is my bread and butter for FREE crypto. Check out my article for a more detailed explanation about crypto earning exchanges.

Traditional brick and mortar banks invest your money and make a fortune off of you. Crypto Banks such as Voyager, Celsius, BlockFi, or Crypto(dot)com, share more of the wealth with YOUR money because...

a) We are still early to crypto and these exchanges want your business.

b) These exchanges have a lower overhead cost than traditional brick and mortar banks (since these crypto banks are all digital).

c) It’s easy for crypto banks to give you more interest. We have just gotten used to NOT making interest on our savings. Those times have changed.

*I like to have my crypto in all 4 accounts: Voyager, Celsius, CDC, and BlockFi. *This helps me mitigate risks. It also allows me to move my crypto around when needed to take advantage of special interest rates and promos. *I now make enough in crypto interest to pay my mortgage. I didn't get there overnight. I just kept dollar cost averaging bitcoin every week and earning interest. *I have a sweet active Celsius promo at the end of this blog too. <3

#1 Choice /// Voyager Super Easy App to Use. Download the app and buy $100 of BTC to get $25 free Bitcoin. Use code 1AE3C8 or this link to claim your BTC. Make 5.75-7.25% interest on your BTC.

#2 Choice /// Celsius Automatically make 6.20% interest on your BTC. Join Celsius Network using this referral code 1866831288 when signing up and earn $50 in BTC with your first transfer of $400 or more! *This app

#3 Choice /// FTX -Trade Bitcoin and other cryptos with zero fees on FTX. Use the referral code and get a free coin when you trade $10 worth. -Referral code 17352180 -Make 8% interest on your BTC up to $10,000 worth. It’s 5% interest after that.

#4 Choice /// Crypto(dot)com Make up to 6.5% interest on your BTC (when you have the Jade Green Card) or 4% interest with the Ruby Steel Card. Get $25 when you apply for the Ruby or Jade Card.

#5 Choice /// Blockfi Make 4% interest on your BTC. Use this referral code and earn $10 worth of BTC after depositing $100 or more.

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Use Stable Coins for 9-10.5% Interest on Your Savings

Did you know that you could be making 9-10.5% apy interest on your savings? Once again, you aren’t going to get that with traditional brick and mortar banks, but you will with Crypto banks.

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that is usually pegged to what is considered a more stable asset. One of the most popular stablecoins (and the stablecoin I use the most) is USDC. The USDC coin operates on the ethereum network. It is pegged to the US dollar.

1 US dollar will always = 1 USDC.

No matter what the crypto market does, up or down, 1 USDC coin will be worth $1.

I put 95% of my emergency savings in stable coins. I can usually convert these coins back into dollars and back into my bank account in under 24 hours.

Voyager, Celsius, BlockFi, and Crypto(dot)com all pay around 9% or higher for your stable coins. See my article about stable coins to learn more.

*Did you know that inflation is currently 6.2%? You are losing money if you just keep your money in a traditional savings account. *Using USDC as your savings is very easy to do with Voyager.

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Use Crypto Backed Debit and Credit Cards

Pay attention- this is crypto’s best kept secret. I make a small fortune just buying gas, groceries, and regular things with my crypto cards. When you get skymiles or cash back with your cards, those assets are losing value. When you get crypto back with your cards, the crypto is usually gaining value over time.

Sure, some credit card out there probably earns you a higher percentage in dollars, but is it worth it? If you get your rewards back in dollars you are more likely to spend those dollars, right?

When I get my rewards back in crypto, I like to keep it. This is how I have accumulated a ton of crypto over the years.

Slow and steady wins the race.

*I make around $100 a month in crypto just using these cards for all of my purchases.

#1 Choice /// BlockFi Credit Card See my BlockFi Card Review here. Earn unlimited 1.5% back in crypto on every purchase. *Use this link to get $10 free BTC when you buy $100 with the app.

#2 Choice /// Voyager Debit Card Make 1-3% back in USDC on every purchase. Earn 9-10.25% interest on the USDC in your voyager account. *This card is not out yet, but get on the waiting list. *Use this link to get $25 free BTC when you buy $100 with the app.

#3 Choice /// Crypto(dot)com See my CDC review here. Make up to 6.5% interest on your BTC (when you have the Jade Green Card) or 4% interest with the Ruby Steel Card. Get $25 when you apply for the Ruby or Jade Card.

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Other Crypto Hacks, Tips, and Tricks

“Two Player Mode” Once you have taken advantage of all of the free crypto out there, if you share finances with a spouse or significant other, you can enter “Two Player Mode.” I use my wife’s phone to sign up again for every promo and crypto app bonus I can think of. It feels like it’s raining crypto here at my house.

For example, use this referral for a $25 sign up bonus with Voyager. Then use your referral with your s.o. for a $25 bonus (and you get a $25 bonus for sharing the link). This is a total of $75 of sign up bonuses for just one app. How neat is that?

“Dry Powder Hack” Dry Powder is when you have money set aside to make a move for a great crypto dip or promotion. I keep my dry powder in USDC so I make 10% interest on it. Any time there is a promo or contest, I use my dry powder to participate.

Congrats on reading this blog. Here are some active promo codes for Celsius. Just type in the code under promotions in the app and transfer the crypto. You can stack these codes on top of each other. <3 name

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading my article. You are extremely smart and good looking for doing so. If you found this blog useful, please share it with a friend. Be sure to check out my youtube channel.

Happy Crypto!

About the Author

Derek McCloud, M.Ed has a master’s degree in education which helps him simplify complex ideas like crypto and explain them in ways that the masses can understand. He is passionate about Bitcoin and crypto because it can provide financial freedom to those who invest wisely. He hopes that people who make massive amounts of money from crypto will help him have fresh water wells dug around the world for those in need by the year 2025. To learn more about crypto and joy, check out his youtube channel.

*Nothing in this document should be considered financial advice. Do your own research. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

*Using referral links in this blog will offer you incentives as it also helps this blog stay alive.