Why Every Single Bitcoin Investor Should Try the Strike App!


The Strike App is changing the game for Bitcoin as it makes using BTC as easy as texting your BFF!

If you can text, you can buy Bitcoin with Strike.

With the magic of the Strike App: 1) There are NO FEES to buy and sell Bitcoin. 2) There are NO FEES to send Bitcoin. 3) The app is clean, simple, and straightforward.

This is seriously a “no brainer” so try it out for yourself:

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Let’s dive a little deeper and explore why the Strike App matters and will save you a TON of money!

1) Strike is the most clean and simple crypto app. Period.

-The app is fast and easy. It’s like Venmo or CashApp… but for only Bitcoin. -You can set up your app and buy Bitcoin in under 3 minutes. -Yes, there are great apps like Voyager where you can buy 50+ crypto currencies… but the disadvantage is this can create paralysis by analysis for new investors. There are too many options! “How do you pick which crypto to buy?” With BTC as your only option, it makes investing simple.

2) Strike is the easiest app to set up.

-Due to government regulation, all crypto apps have a K.Y.C. process. This stands for Know Your Customer. All crypto apps will need you to submit a driver's licence and information to prove your identity. If you do not get verified automatically, they will manually verify you.

Good news! Even with a manual verification, Strike will get you registered faster than the other big apps out there. Once you are verified, you can either buy bitcoin with a Debit Card or link your bank account with Plaid (which is super safe and easy.)

3) Strike is a great app that is going to increase Bitcoin adoption.

As Bitcoin becomes more popular, many people want to buy Bitcoin but don’t even know where to begin. This app is the best crypto app for new people!!

Nowadays, If someone says they want to buy Bitcoin, I will help them set up their Strike app right on the spot because it is so quick and easy. It’s also awesome because anyone who uses my referral gets $5 free! #winning

4) Strike is great for MicroPayments.

Whenever I purchase goods or services from people, I always ask them, “Can I pay you in Bitcoin?” I do this because I want people to learn how Bitcoin is life-changing and now very easy to use. -I now pay for my lawn care, babysitting, and all sorts of other things with Bitcoin. Since there are no fees to use Strike, it is easy for people like me to use Bitcoin as a source of money. -Also, when people say you can’t buy things with BTC you can just tell them, “I buy things with BTC every day!” -I have the BTC that I use to buy stuff on Strike and the BTC I use to invest, I move to Voyager.

5) Their customer service is the best I have used by far.

I have emailed them and received responses in under 10 minutes. Woo hoo! Most Crypto apps are currently struggling with customer service being timely. This is probably because of the rapid growth most crypto apps are experiencing. Strike is superior in customer service!

6) The Spread Fee is the cheapest with Strike.

All crypto apps and exchanges have a spread fee. A spread is the difference between the market price of Bitcoin and the price you actually get your bitcoin for. Strike has hands down the cheapest spread fees for Bitcoin that I have seen yet.


Cons for Strike:

1) You can only buy Bitcoin with the app. (But this is also a pro for it since the app is so clean and simple.) 2) You do not earn interest on your Bitcoin. If you want to earn interest read this blog. 3) You can only buy $1,000 a week of Bitcoin. (Some apps have higher limits, but they also come with more fees.)

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Strike is a phenomenal app that all crypto investors should utilize in addition to their other crypto apps like Voyager. Strike makes buying and sending crypto as easy and simple as possible without any fees.

Sign up for Strike Now:

👉Join Strike and earn $11 when you sign up and verify your account using this referral code: PU0IJM: https://invite.strike.me/PU0IJM


About the Author

Derek McCloud, M.Ed has a master’s degree in education which helps him simplify complex ideas like crypto and explain them in ways that the masses can understand. He is passionate about Bitcoin and crypto because it can provide financial freedom to those who invest wisely. He hopes that people who make massive amounts of money from crypto will help him have fresh water wells dug around the world for those in need by the year 2025. To learn more about crypto and joy, check out his youtube channel.

*Nothing in this document should be considered financial advice. Do your own research. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

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